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Mallakhamb Federation of USA (MFU) is dedicated to promoting and nurturing the upcoming Sports of Mallakhamb. MFU is playing a pivotal role in nurturing and developing talent in Mallakhamb. MFU has developed a coaching methodology, state-of-the-art national training facilities, and a supportive community. MFU is aiming to identify and cultivate the next generation of Mallakhamb talent in Coaching, Competing, and Judging. MFU provides structured training programs that cater to athletes of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

MFU has enabled many youths in the USA to achieve their individual goals of competitions, demonstrations, conditioning, Health Wellness, and Aerial Yoga. The federation is committed to preserving and advancing this traditional sport while also encouraging its growth and participation across the nation and worldwide.

MFU has received support from the Government of India and various Government officials from the United States of America. Recently MFU has received support from Government officials in Canada, and Germany.

MFU Showcases Mallakhamb to Global Institutions in Washington D.C.

The Mallakhamb Federation of USA (MFU) is thrilled to have showcased the captivating art of Mallakhamb to esteemed officials from major international organizations, including the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Country Development Report, and the International Organization for Migration.

This landmark event took place in Washington D.C. on December 1st.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Gaurav Kulkarni for providing MFU with this prestigious platform.

Training Centers

Philadelphia Circus

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Circus School


Phone: (215) 849-1991

Edison, New Jersey

Edison, New Jersey

National Training Facility

Mandar Patil


Phone: 646-598-3256

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California (South)

Ruby Karen


Phone: (714) 846-6143

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

Alissa White


Phone: (617) 202-6812

CT Mallakhamb in Cromwell , Connecticut

Cromwell, Connecticut

Jayesh Kakade


Phone: (860) 968-6037

New England Center of Circus Arts (Necca)

New England Center of Circus Arts (Necca)

Elsie Smith


Phone: (802) 254-9780

Iron Peak in Hillsborogh, New Jersey

Iron Peak in Hillsborogh, New Jersey

Krutanjali Joshi Thakar


Phone: (908) 758-2739

Awards and Recognitions

Press Coverage

April 2023 Taranjit Singh Ji Twitter

January 2022 Celebrating the Legacy of Swami Vivekananda

October 2020 Maan Ki Baat - If you can download and upload this on Youtube Channel


“Mallakhamb Success Stories: Voices from our Elevated Athletes””

"Mallakhamb Sport Academy has been my second home. The intense training, excellent coaching, and the camaraderie among athletes have fueled my Mallakhamb journey. Representing the USA in international tournaments was a dream come true, and it wouldn't have been possible without the academy's support."

– Nirmal Dikshit, New Jersey, USA

"I'm proud to be part of Mallakhamb Sport Academy. The dedication of the coaches and the rigorous training have pushed me beyond my limits. Mallakhamb isn't just a sport; it's a way of life, and this academy has been instrumental in shaping my Mallakhamb career."

– Meera Patel, California, USA

"Coming from India, I was worried I might lose touch with Mallakhamb. However, Mallakhamb Sport Academy has not only preserved the art form but also elevated it to new heights. The academy's commitment to excellence is inspiring, and I'm honored to represent the USA on the global stage."

– Vikram Ranawade, Texas, USA

"As a non-Indian athlete, I was initially unsure about joining Mallakhamb Sport Academy. However, the coaches and fellow athletes welcomed me with open arms. The training has been rigorous, and I've not only improved my Mallakhamb skills but also gained a deep appreciation for the sport's rich heritage."

– Emma Smith, Florida, USA

"Mallakhamb was a completely new world for me, but Mallakhamb Sport Academy made it accessible. The training is tough, but the sense of accomplishment after nailing a challenging pose is unmatched. It's been a transformative journey, and I'm grateful for the opportunities this academy has provided."

– Carlos Rodriguez, New York, USA

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