Vision and Mission

To be a main stream sport in the Americas!

Our Vision

To be the premier authority on Mallakhamb in the USA, by establishing at least one training center in every state of the United States of America.

Our Mission

  • To provide a platform for athletes to excel in Mallakhamb at local, national, and international levels.
  • To facilitate the learning and practice of Mallakhamb through academies, workshops, and events.
  • To raise awareness about Mallakhamb's rich cultural heritage and its potential for physical and mental development.
  • To collaborate with like-minded organizations to ensure the growth and sustainability of Mallakhamb in the USA.

Federation Remit

Participate Internationally

MFU is leading Mallakhamb development Internationally in areas of competitions, demonstrations, and training. MFU’s trained athletes, coaches, and judges have adopted International Standards to imbibe knowledge in other youths.

  • Ignite interest in global youths.  
  • Assist in establishing Training Centers globally.
  • Finance initiative to start the International Mallakhamb Federation in Switzerland.
  • Liaise with international bodies such as the International Olympics Association. 

Establish State Chapters 

  • Continuously look for opportunities to start new Centers.
  • Undertake training using the Curriculum developed by MFU. This curriculum is the ONLY kind in the world to teach Mallakhamb.
  • Collaborate with Organizations such as AYCO, Aerial Arts, Indian Diaspora, and India affinity groups.
  • Participate in highly visible demonstrations.
  • Drive quality of the Sport by undertaking annual evaluation.
  • Develop support from Local Government and International Government bodies.

Research & Innovation

The goal is to make Mallakhamb compatible with International Acceptance and Sports methods.

  • Enable athletes to compete in NCAA-approved sports by providing excellent conditioning opportunities. 
  • Combine similar but different sports in Mallakhamb such as Parkour, Wrestling, Gymnastics, and Yoga.
  • Combine artistic forms in Mallakhamb such as Drums and Mallakhamb, Mallakhamb in Drama, and Aerial Arts.
  • Research progressions that help in continuously improving progressions.