Making History in Traditional Indian Pole Gymnastics

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About Mallakhamb Sports

Mallakhamb has evolved significantly since its inception and is now a fusion of Martial Arts, Gymnastics, and Yoga. This unique sport not only enhances physical attributes like strength, stamina, and flexibility but also offers a complete mind and body experience, with many moves performed against gravity.

Mallakhamb is played in two forms – Pole Mallakhamb and Rope Mallakhamb, each requiring skill and precision. It has transcended borders and is recognized as a global sport with national level federations in India, USA, Nepal, Japan, and Germany. Several other countries, including the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Bhutan, Brazil, Mexico, and Singapore, are preparing to establish training centers and federations.

Athletes in Mallakhamb have the opportunity to compete at both national and international championships. Additionally, they can explore performing arts such as Aerial arts and Pole Fitness, and the conditioning benefits gained can be leveraged in various other sports.

Mallakhamb practitioners have reported improved well-being, including reduced allergy symptoms and increased metabolism. Moreover, Mallakhamb fosters self-defense confidence, promoting overall fitness and health.

Mallakhamb Federation of the USA

The Mallakhamb Federation of the USA is a non-profit (501 C 3) organization established in 2013. Our objective is to serve as the governing body for Mallakhamb in the United States, similar to other amateur sports organizations. We are responsible for selecting and training both men’s and women’s teams to represent the USA in international tournaments. We also focus on promoting Mallakhamb among prospective players, spectators, and fans, both nationally and globally.

Our National League Development Program aims to establish Mallakhamb centers across the country, providing opportunities for individuals of all ages to engage in this unique sport.

Why is Mallakhamb Federation USA Successful?

Our success is rooted in innovation and dedication:

  • We cross-pollinate between various sports and fitness disciplines to evolve Mallakhamb at the international level.
  • We combine western teaching methods with the art of Mallakhamb.
  • We’ve created a structured curriculum that tracks progress in Mallakhamb learning.
  • We leverage technology, including app development and virtual coaching, to enhance the Mallakhamb experience.


  • The first national level Federation outside India to promote Bharatiya Khel.
  • Authored the “Mallakhamb Book of Knowledge,” the first-ever book on Mallakhamb Skills, available on Amazon.
  • Translated the Book of Knowledge into a Mallakhamb Curriculum.
  • Demonstrated Mallakhamb in the United Nations, a historic event.
  • Conducted numerous demonstrations at landmark locations, including Governors Island, Statue of Liberty, Lincoln Center of Performing Arts, Boston Children Museum, Queens Children Museum, Times Square, and more.
  • Initiated the “School of Indian Games / Recreational Games” in New Jersey, promoting indigenous games like Mallakhamb, Kabbadi, Kho Kabaddi, and Kalaripayattu.
  • Coached Team USA for the first Mallakhamb World Championship.
  • Featured in “Maan Ki Baat” in October 2020 by Prime Minister of India, Hon Shri Narendra Modi Ji.
  • Received support from the Indian Government, including the donation of 10 Mallakhamb sets to be deployed in cities with a significant Indian population.
  • Assembled the first full team of Mallakhamb outside of India in the second world championship in 2023.