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Making the decision to practice Mallakhamb is easy. The complications begin when you have to figure out where to practice. Finding the perfect gym may be impossible, except the Edison Center in MFU.

To start off, the Edison Center is filled with supportive coaches and safety equipment. In the 2000 square foot area, there are 2 tall poles and a short pole to make it convenient for athletes to practice. To top it off, the Edison Center includes a rope setting for athletes to prepare for both events during competitions. Crash mats secure around the pole, leaving a sense of comfort for athletes to perform difficult skills. To prepare for advanced skills, there is a trampoline to learn to twist or flip in the air, to get a sense of aerial senses. To improve balance, there is a beam which can help with both events. Competitors are given the flexibility to choose to compete in either events or both. To prepare for the upcoming competitions, Young Coaches around the age of 14-16 are prepared to become real coaches. The batches are spread out, some teach foundational skills that will enable beginners, while other coaches set up routines and prepare for competition season. Location wise, the center is near Metro Park, which allows athletes to easily transport from anywhere to the center.

The first vision was to establish a full running center. The Edison Center had begun in a backyard during 2013. Days where rain would continue, the athletes would run to the garage and continue practice. This center was established through a dream, a spark that would ignite and burst into a flame. As the center grew, the next vision was to begin to spread awareness about Mallakhamb. The athletes, coaches and volunteers of the Edison Center took initiative and aided other centers such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington DC, MAssachuesetts, and Los Angeles to begin training. Throughout all the hardships the center went through, they successfully began and ran a center for numerous years. The Edison Center is the first center in the entire USA, to prepare and send off their athletes to the Mallakhamb World Championships. The team successfully achieved 2nd place in Team Champions against 10 different countries in Assam, India. The Edison Center is also the first to establish a curriculum for all of the USA’s centers to use. Now, the vision is to push Mallakhamb athletes to perform during the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics. They have been supported and recognized by Maharashtra Olympic Association, Municipal Council, Governor, Mayor, President of Senate, Member of Congress and Member of the Parliament.

Edison, New Jersey

National Training Facility

Mandar Patil

Newington, Connecticut

Jayesh Kakade

Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC

Gaurav Kulkarni

Los Angeles, California (South)

Ruby Karen
(714) 846-6143

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Circus School
(215) 849-1991

Boston, Massachusetts

Alissa White
(617) 202-6812

Eugene, Oregon

Prempreet Kaur
(602) 751-4593

England Center of Circus Arts (Necca)

Elsie Smith
(802) 254-9780

Iron Peak in Hillsborogh, New Jersey

Krutanjali Joshi Thakar
(908) 758-2739