Run Upto Olympics

Making History in Traditional Indian Pole Gymnastics

Our Participation in the Los Angeles Olympics 2028

Mallakhamb Federation USA (MFU) is proud to announce its participation in the Los Angeles Olympics 2028. Our mission is to present Pole & Rope Mallakhamb as a demonstrative sport on this global stage, in collaboration with the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and at least two countries from each continent.

To achieve this historic milestone, MFU has formed a dedicated Stimulation Committee tasked with identifying key roles and individuals, both in the USA and India, to support our objective. This committee will work collaboratively to promote Mallakhamb and ensure its successful representation in the Olympics.

Our two-pronged strategy involves engaging with international authorities, Olympic Committees, and Mallakhamb Federations outside the USA, as well as establishing 25 training centers within the USA to nurture talent.

Awareness and Training

To kickstart our mission, the Stimulation Committee will identify individuals who show interest in Mallakhamb and invite them to Edison to attend an initial training camp. This camp will provide introductory lessons on Mallakhamb and evaluate the potential of individuals to be associated with our objective. Initial travel costs will be covered by those interested in learning Mallakhamb.

Training and Promotions/Demonstrations

After successfully completing the awareness phase, MFU will provide a Virtual Coach and an App to systematically learn Mallakhamb. The Virtual Coach will make an in-person visit after one year of training completion. Subsequently, the local teams will participate in promotions and demonstrations, supported by a Public Relations company to handle press releases, connect with the Indian Diaspora, and coordinate with other countries.

Evaluation and Competitions

To ensure continuous growth, Mallakhamb students will undergo annual evaluations in October. After completing several demonstrations and securing financial backing and donations, our teams will begin participating in competitions. Our initial proposal includes the following competitions:

2024 September

The USA Under 14 Boys and Girls tour to India, following a format similar to the Cricket Ashes Series.

2025 July

India Above 14 Boys and Girls tour to the USA, also modeled after the Cricket Ashes Series.


All countries participating in a tour in India.


All countries participating in a tour in the USA.

We are excited to embark on this journey and invite you to stay tuned for updates on our progress as we work diligently to bring Mallakhamb to the world stage at the Los Angeles Olympics 2028.