About us

Making History in Traditional Indian Pole Gymnastics

Our Story

The Mallakhamb Federation of USA, a groundbreaking initiative, was incorporated in 2015
with its headquarters nestled in the vibrant state of New Jersey. Stepping onto the
American sports scene with a unique vision, our objective mirrors that of esteemed amateur
sports organizations across the United States of America.

Academy Achievements

From its inception, the Federation has embarked on an extraordinary journey, dedicated to
molding and shaping the future of Mallakhamb in the United States. Our achievements bear
witness to our relentless pursuit of excellence. Among our remarkable accomplishments:

  • Establishment as the authoritative governing body for Mallakhamb in the USA.
  • A pivotal role in the selection and rigorous training of both men’s and women’s national Mallakhamb teams.
  • A driving force behind the widespread promotion of Mallakhamb, captivating
    prospective players, spectators, and fans alike..
  • Representation of the United States on the global stage, with the prestigious
    responsibility of overseeing the men’s and women’s National Mallakhamb teams right here on American soil.

Athlete Achievements

“Our Mallakhamb Heroes: Inspiring Feats and Triumphs”

Organization Structure

International Body

As the recognized international body for Mallakhamb, MFU proudly represents the United States on the global stage.

  • USA’s Representative in International Governing Body
  • Nationwide Expansion by 2020
  • Governance and Policy Development
  • Escalation Point and Mediation Role
    Conduct National Championships – first in 2018
  • IT Infrastructure Management


  • Represent the State in the National Body (MFU)
  • Establish a Statewide Presence for Accessibility to Athletes
  • Implement MFU’s Adopted Policies
  • Serve as an Escalation Point and Mediator as Needed
  • Actively Participate in a Minimum of 2 Annual Events to Promote Mallakhamb
  • Pioneered the State Championship, Inaugural Event in 2016
  • Conduct Audits of Institutes to Ensure Adherence to Best Practices

Training Institutes

“Forging Mallakhamb Champions: Nurturing Excellence at Our Training Institutes”

  • Serve as the Institute Representative in the State Body
  • Provide Comprehensive Training to Students
  • Gradually Identify and Train Coaches from Levels 1 to 6
  • Conduct Background Checks for All Coaches
  • Mandate Liability Waivers for Performers and Studio/Arena Access
  • Actively Participate in a Minimum of 2 Annual Events to Promote Mallakhamb