Awards & Recognitions

Pole Vaulting to Victory: Celebrating Our Mallakhamb Accolades

Academy Achievements

From its inception, the Federation has embarked on an extraordinary journey, dedicated to
molding and shaping the future of Mallakhamb in the United States. Our achievements bear
witness to our relentless pursuit of excellence. Among our remarkable accomplishments:

  • Establishment as the authoritative governing body for Mallakhamb in the USA.
  • A pivotal role in the selection and rigorous training of both men’s and women’s national Mallakhamb teams.
  • A driving force behind the widespread promotion of Mallakhamb, captivating
    prospective players, spectators, and fans alike..
  • Representation of the United States on the global stage, with the prestigious
    responsibility of overseeing the men’s and women’s National Mallakhamb teams right here on American soil.

Athlete Achievements

“Our Mallakhamb Heroes: Inspiring Feats and Triumphs”