Pole Mallakhamb


Portal Pole Mallakhamb which can be fitted anywhere and can be carried in safely. It can be assembled in 5 minutes and removed in 5 minutes. Ideal for stage performances and if you don’t have a specific place to learn and practice.

You will receive the package with following items

  1. One Wooden Pole Mallakhamb made of Dalbergia Sissoo (Name of the wood in India Sheesham)
  2. One Wooden Pole Mallakhamb fitted into Iron Cylinder and with Square plate in the bottom
  3. Four Iron Channels with C section
  4. Eight nut bolts
  5. Spanners for nut bolts
  6. Safety foam around Square Iron Channels

When Fully assembled it takes 10 feet X 10 feet space on the floor. When removed from assembly it can be stored in a corner with a safety harness in 2 feet X 2 feet area.

Additional information


For Sell:
4 Ft. Tall Pole Mallakhamb
8 Ft. Tall Pole Mallakhamb

For Lease:
4 Ft. Tall Pole Mallakhamb
8 Ft. Tall Pole Mallakhamb


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